Stair Chair |Product Film | Mumbai Based Advertising Agency | Golden Mean

Stair Chair | Product Film

Here was a Product Film Project done by Mumbai Based Advertising Agency, Golden Mean, for a company called ‘Stair chair’. The client is in delivering Stair Lifts for those who have challenges in climbing up the stairs. The product is a well engineered chair that is installed on the staircase. It’s a high value product […]

Precise Conchem | Corporate Film | Mumbai based Advertising Agency, Golden Mean

Precise Conchem | Corporate Film

We, Golden Mean Advertising Agency, got an opportunity to work on a Corporate Film for our client ‘Precise Conchem’. Our client is involved in the building-construction chemical industry. The objective of the film was to showcase the factory and its activities regarding manufacturing of products. The client was looking forward to uplift its position in […]

Short Film | Self Branding| Mumbai Based Advertising Agency | Golden Mean

World No Tobacco Day | Short Film

We, Golden Mean as an Advertising Agency, decided to develop a creative Short Film on occasion of World No Tobacco Day. So we brainstormed together and came up with an idea that expressed how secondhand smoke disturbed the environment and people around.   Advertising Insight : The creative idea of this Short Film itself was a […]

International Women's Day | Self Branding | Mumbai Based Advertising Agency | Golden Mean

International Women’s Day | Self Branding

Self Branding or Self advertising is the need of the hour, if one needs to gain visibility in this ever crowded world. Self Branding not only promotes your strengths, but also helps you to get engaged with the real audience with whom you want to communicate. Here was a Self Branding exercise, we, Golden Mean […]

Corporate Film | Mumbai Based Advertising Agency | Golden Mean

Zedex | Film

Here was a project awarded to ‘Golden Mean’ Advertising Agency by a pharmaceutical company ‘Wockhardt’ to make a Corporate Film for one of their brand. The company wanted to increase the brand’s science, strengths, market share and its customer acceptance. The brand ‘Zedex’ is a cough syrup and is one of the leading prescribed brand by […]

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