International Women's Day | Self Branding
Project Description

Self Branding or Self advertising is the need of the hour, if one needs to gain visibility in this ever crowded world. Self Branding not only promotes your strengths, but also helps you to get engaged with the real audience with whom you want to communicate. Here was a Self Branding exercise, we, Golden Mean advertising agency did on the occasion of the International Woman’s day. The task was to portray women, who lived a simple routine life and who weren’t famous, but definitely they would make every common person feel proud, when they came across.

Advertising insight:

As an advertising agency, we created a script, framed roles, identified locations, captured shots and did every possible thing we needed to execute this story line. This event helped us to polish our planning skills, decision making abilities, confidence to face the unknown and much more. We promoted this motion video on Facebook and it was viewed for more than 7000 times in one day.

Benefits achieved:

This experience of Self Branding proved that each one of us have some powerful ability within us and it only needs an opportunity to come out. We all started believing ourselves and our potential to face the unknown and make things happen in our life.

Project Details
  • ClientGolden mean
  • Date2017-03-08
  • International Women's Day
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