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Lessons from Pyramid

Here is a story about a boy who, for the first time in his life, went to watch the ‘Dahi Handi’ festival, which we call it here in Mumbai, which is also traditionally known as ‘Gopal kala,’ and globally recognized as the ‘Human pyramid’ festival.
It all begins on the auspicious occasion known as ‘Krishna Janmashtami,’ a day that marks the birth of Lord Shri Krishna. The following day is celebrated as ‘Gopal kala,’ signifying the mischievous and joyful nature of the Lord, where young Krishna and his friends would form a human pyramid to steal curd from pots hung at heights inside houses. This story reflects the energy, friendship, spiritedness, balance, courage, assurance, and, above all, the essence of having fun – a wide range of emotions experienced during the ‘Gopal kala’ event.
A young boy stood in the midst of the crowd, his view obscured by the people in front of him. Seeing his son’s struggle, the father lifted him onto his shoulders. Perched on his father’s shoulders, the boy was delighted and ready to witness the entire adventure with excitement.

The Contagious Energy

The boy and his father began to sway to the beats playing in the background as participants reveled in the event. Those involved in forming the human pyramid were called Govindas. The atmosphere was electrifying. Witnessing the participants’ energy, the boy was overwhelmed and joined in with their slogans. The energy was infectious, and only the sound of rhythm could be heard and felt. It seemed as if the entire universe was attuned to one frequency – that of ‘joy.’

The Hands of Friendship

Gradually, the participants began joining hands to form the pyramid. The boy observed people coming together, and he and his father moved forward to encourage the Govindas. Their hands were full of sweat, due to the efforts of building the pyramid. Curious, the boy asked his father, “How strong are their hands?” The father replied, “Their strength multiplies when many hands join together, enabling them to lift many Govindas one above the other.” It was incredible to see the bonds of trust holding them together, forming a human mountain

The Spirit of Resilience

As the pyramid was built, the participants fell several times, and the concerned boy cried out loudly. However, he also noticed that they stood up, danced, and resumed building the pyramid. He asked his father if they got hurt. The father replied, “Yes, but their focus is on reaching the top and breaking the pot, so they don’t feel the pain.” It was an insightful lesson about determination and perseverance.

The Balance Amid Chaos

As the Govindas neared the peak of the pyramid, it started to rain, as if testing their ability and capacity to build the pyramid. Amid this chaos, the Govindas remained focused, displaying remarkable concentration. It was truly commendable to see them maintain balance amidst the turmoil. Here was another breakthrough, the father and boy got present to a different reality, i.e., in all the vulnerable situations, we have a choice to balance ourselves and continue doing what we truly aim for

The Courage Beyond Fear

Suddenly, a small girl, nearly the same age as the boy, entered the crowd and swiftly began climbing the human pyramid. The boy was astonished by her fearless ascent. He asked his father if she wasn’t scared. The father explained, “The little girl knows it’s a high climb. Her relatives or caretakers have placed their faith in her confidence. They have given her their word, ‘We are here, and you can do it.’ This kind of positivity and moral support can empower anyone to courageously overcome their fears.”

The Assurance of Safety

The little girl successfully broke the pot, and one by one, the rows of participants descended, supported by those standing below, creating a web of hands to prevent any falls and injuries. It was an unspoken commitment, a display of teamwork by everyone present. The boy watched until everyone was safely out of the pyramid, giving a big smile as if he had won a game.
On the way home, the father shared with the boy that what he witnessed and understood today was akin to the game of life. Everything may happen, but life continues towards its goal, which is to ‘achieve.’ The father wondered whether the young boy truly grasped his words, but he believed it was worth sharing.


In conclusion, this story exemplifies the qualities of Energy, Friendship, Spiritedness, Balance, Courage, Assurance, and the joy of having fun, which can be applied to various aspects of our life, to create a different reality on our life’s journey.

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Deepak Nanekar is the Strategy Director of an Award Winning, Mumbai Based Advertising Agency, Golden Mean. He has more than 18 years of experience in building brands and nurturing them to grow. He is known for the deep understanding of Brand advertising and its communication flow through various channels.


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