Zedex | Film
Project Description

Here was a project awarded to ‘Golden Mean’ Advertising Agency by a pharmaceutical company ‘Wockhardt’ to make a Corporate Film for one of their brand. The company wanted to increase the brand’s science, strengths, market share and its customer acceptance. The brand ‘Zedex’ is a cough syrup and is one of the leading prescribed brand by the doctors. The communication needed to showcase the efforts of the company behind creating the brand ‘Zedex’. They wanted to capture the journey of the brand and its contribution towards the medical fraternity. The objective of the Corporate Film was to increase the presence of the brand in front of its existing customers and appeal to the future customers to get engaged with the brand.


Advertising Insight:

As an advertising agency, we drafted a story-board for the Corporate Film. We brainstormed the flow of the Corporate Film and the keynotes of the communication with the client. We figured out the frames, the layouts, the animations, the graphics, the illustrations, the images, the effects, the annotations, the voice recording, etc for the Corporate Film. We compiled the videos bites of its factory along with the theme to demonstrate the authenticity of the efforts behind the making of this brand.


Benefits achieved:

The Corporate Film created a larger-than-life image for the brand in front of the viewers i.e. Doctor’s. The doctor’s started admiring this brand and its Sku’s as a complete solution for cough related challenges. They became more brand loyal and felt good about their prescription.

Project Details
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