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Build a Memorable Year ahead!

Memories are always described as an unforgettable moment of our past which stays with us for longer period of time.
Memories emerge unexpectedly, like old friends returning home, bringing with them a flood of emotions and reflections. They are those stored moments, which spontaneously pops up in our mind, unocassionally or unintentionally, and also many times purposefully and situationally. Infact, there is a certain kind of pattern, which is associated with ‘Memories’. It is called a pattern of ‘Repetition’. This characteristic of ‘Repetition’ leads to the occurrence of memories, anytime and every time in our minds
Memories may store good moment’s as well as unpleasant moments. Though memories belong to our past, they keep impacting our present tense and future too. We, as humans always strive for a memorable time ahead, that takes our journey of life forward to a new level of experience. For having a memorable year ahead, it’s important to understand the pattern of our thoughts. It is critical to identify whether our thought pattern is arising from our past memories or from future inspirations.
Every new financial year, we set new goals or tasks to accomplish. Hence, this is the perfect time to define a pattern for our thoughts, which will result for a memorable journey ahead

Pattern of our perception

To make the coming time truly memorable, firstly let’s observe at the pattern of how we see things in the outer world. Let our viewpoints be non-judgmental, allowing us to see things as they are without the filter of preconceived notions. This kind of pattern of seeing things will help us to notice things without anyone else’s point of view. It will help to get ourselves present to our true point of view, and make our choice in a decisive manner.

Seed of possibility

Later, let’s build a pattern of thoughts which is constructive and which is not conclusive. Making conclusion of every thought will end up the things in life abruptly. Instead, while we think of any subject in whichever situation we are, lets train our mind to become a part of the solution rather than a problem. Let’s implant a seed of possibility in our mind and ask ourselves, “What else is possible?” This simple shift in mindset can lead to profound changes in our outlook and approach to life.

Nature of the outcomes

Further, let’s build a pattern of actions which will determine the nature of the outcome that we expect to happen. Let’s not be just reactive to the situations. Instead, lets act wisely and be human in every situation. By using our intelligence along with commonsense, we shall craft actions with right intention and integrity
Friends, whatever path of life one may be walking, may be professional or personal or social it is important to build good patterns and break free from those that no longer serve us. Because ultimately these patterns will shape up the moments which will further turn into memories and these memories will again define us as a person. It will help to build us, our society and our image in a positive manner. As we begin this financial new year, let us define the pattern of our growth strategy by focusing on our inner journey first. Our image will define how well we have been able to position ourselves in the world and how are we making ourselves memorable to the rest of the world
In the realm of advertising, the importance of pattern-building cannot be overstated. It is said, that Brand building is also a pattern of a certain process which helps a brand or a subject to get registered in the minds of the audience for a longer time to come. So, as we venture forth into the new financial year, let us choose our patterns wisely, for they hold the key to a truly memorable journey ahead.

About the Author

Deepak Nanekar is the Strategy Director of an Award Winning, Mumbai Based Advertising Agency, Golden Mean. He has more than two decades of experience in building brands and nurturing them to grow. He is known for the deep understanding of Brand advertising and its communication flow through various channels.


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