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How a human-centered brand design can revolutionize the success of a brand and overall market

In the journey of Brand Design, every aspect of design communication holds a place of prime importance and becomes the face value of the brand, especially in the fast-moving consumer market
Being from a school of advertising, I feel the whole exercise of developing a successful Brand Design is a combination of paying attention to three major aspects: People (with whom the brand wants to do business with), Feasibility (how important and superior are the product features to the target audience) and Viability (how conveniently our target audience will be able to make a purchase decision for the product). Any Branding Agency or a creative individual should look towards all these 3 aspects and see from a perspective that can yield opportunities of change and add value to the brand design


I believe everything in this world is a design. Everything is structured and designed to function in its own way and hold its own place of importance in this whole universe. The most admiring and complex design the supreme have ever made is that of ‘Human being’. As a creative person, one should go beyond the designing aesthetics and study why a piece of creative work attracts a human mind or how the human mind is designed to attract things in a certain way. I feel the second option makes more sense and will help us to progress faster when a Branding Agency will be in the process of adding commercial value for a product.
Let’s understand this. Human minds are always preoccupied with information, and they tend to utilize this information whenever they want to make a choice or a decision. The kind of information they store within their minds hugely depends upon their upbringing. Their upbringings define their values, taste towards life, and aspirations they look forward to. By studying this, a creative person can design a plan to understand why one tends to resonate with a certain thought or buy a thing or associate with a certain relationship. A human-centered design can lead to breakthroughs in addressing the challenges that arise in the market. It will help to create a brand image that aligns with the audience in a profound manner. The whole exercise of understanding target behaviors and preferences will help the creative studio to build a sentiment for the brand that will help the brand do business with the people it tends to attract.


In the modern age of life, people pay attention to what is missing in their life, rather than by paying attention to what’s already there in their life. This insight also boosts human intelligence to evolve with new possibilities and grow. Hence, all the stuff which is designed or placed in the market tends to have new features or value-added benefits to grab the attention of the audience and urge them to aspire for more. As an Branding Agency, one should look after all these points to design the brand communication in order to make the product perceive its superiority in the audience’s minds. The various mediums of Brand Design should be able to translate the features into various creatives and elevate the brand’s face value.


The viability of a brand means selling a product efficiently that makes profits for the business and is reasonably priced among its target audience. If a product is good, but it does not reach the audience, or if it does reach but the audience does not feel it’s worth, the whole exercise of brand building goes for a toss. In order to make the product successful, the business house has to strategize the aspect of economics by holistically balancing the act of manufacturing, supplying, distribution, and marketing of the product. Likewise, as an Branding Agency, one should strive to correctly understand the brand’s economics and put efforts to present a communication that makes the brand look viable. The agency should not only have a creative approach but also be pragmatic to understand the brand’s vision and how it will be accepted among the target audience. Hence, the medium of communication or the brand persona should look relevant to the audience.


The role of the creative person is to craft an appropriate face value of the product with an efficient Brand Design such that it connects reasonably well with the audience and makes the brand feel valuable to them.

About the Author

Deepak Nanekar is the Strategy Director of an Award Winning, Mumbai Based Advertising Agency, Golden Mean. He has more than two decades of experience in building brands and nurturing them to grow. He is known for the deep understanding of Brand advertising and its communication flow through various channels.


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