Stair Chair | Product Film
Project Description

Here was a Product Film Project done by Mumbai Based Advertising Agency, Golden Mean, for a company called ‘Stair chair’. The client is in delivering Stair Lifts for those who have challenges in climbing up the stairs. The product is a well engineered chair that is installed on the staircase. It’s a high value product and was targeted to an elderly audience of high net worth. It was precisely meant for those who are in need of mobility solutions along the staircase. The client needed a Product Film to demonstrate the usage, features and advantages of the product, such that it gives a real life experience to the viewers.

Advertising Insight

We as an advertising agency, firstly developed a branding for the company. We coined the name ‘Stair chair’ which effortlessly connected to the business purpose of the company. A corporate identity was developed by adding an appropriate positioning statement to it. The product being one-of-its kind in the market, we suggested the client to develop a Product Film, that would communicate the prospective client a better understanding of the product. Moreover the film would create a clear and a prestigious image of the brand in the minds of the target.

Benefits Achieved

The Product Film was well appreciated by the client. The voice over narrated a clear and clever information about the product in an effective manner. The film imagery impressed their respective clients and led a positive takeaway on inquiries

Project Details
  • ClientStair Chair
  • Date2018-05-04
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