Precise Conchem | Corporate Film
Project Description

We, Golden Mean Advertising Agency, got an opportunity to work on a Corporate Film for our client ‘Precise Conchem’. Our client is involved in the building-construction chemical industry. The objective of the film was to showcase the factory and its activities regarding manufacturing of products. The client was looking forward to uplift its position in the market and expand its product reach. The factory has its own Research & Development unit and PLC systems to control its operations. However, they were not communicated to its target audience in a professional manner and hence the uniqueness of their products were not well expressed. The client also wanted to enhance its professional image with this Corporate Film

Advertising Insight

As an advertising agency, we realized that we needed to align the actions and the communication of the company well, such that it would be able to portray its potential to the world and showcase its capability to prospective customers.
We began with a proper understanding of the company’s work process, its business model and its current standing in the market. We further figured out the company’s skill sets and key areas which would uplift the company’s image in its fraternity. We brainstormed on the flow of the story and sketched out a complete storyboard with a proper script. With appropriate planning and co-ordination between our core team, production guys, support staff, and of course the client, we executed the film with precision. Post production activities were well crafted in the film through fine editing, a suitable voice over and soothing background music

Benefits Achieved

The Corporate film was well appreciated by the client. It gave a larger-than-life image to the viewers, due to its skillful direction and overall effects. The film effectively showcased the activities, highlights, uniqueness and advantages of the company, thus uplifting its corporate image in its respective fraternity

Project Details
  • ClientPrecise Conchem
  • Date2017-10-30
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