World No Tobacco Day | Short Film
Project Description

We, Golden Mean as an Advertising Agency, decided to develop a creative Short Film on occasion of World No Tobacco Day. So we brainstormed together and came up with an idea that expressed how secondhand smoke disturbed the environment and people around.


Advertising Insight :

The creative idea of this Short Film itself was a good motivator for all of us as a team. The idea was simple, make smokers realize how their habit affects people around them, who don’t smoke themselves. Hence, we showed how a man’s smoking affects the members of his family. The creative Short Film depicted how his wife and his two children consumed second hand-smoke unknowingly, both mentally and physically, which put them in danger of life threatening diseases.
The short film further shows how we get accustomed to our environment and adapt habits of people whom we idolize. So, here was a deeper message of how children look up to their father and follow their footsteps.


Call to Action

We must remember, that we not only adapt to our environment but we are environment ourselves; and people around us adapt to us and look up to us. So it is our responsibility that we take care of our actions, cause some people look up to us, especially our family members.
We, Golden Mean Advertising Agency, as a team tried to bring a change in the way we look at World No Tobacco Day. We urged people through our Short Film to quit smoking, for the environment, which we are ourselves.

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  • World No Tobacco Day | Short Film
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