Mumbai Based Jewellery Branding Agency

Jewellery Branding

It was truly a rich experience to work on a Jewellery Branding assignment. We at Golden Mean, an Advertising Agency From Mumbai got present to various dynamics of Jewellery industry while working on this assignment of Jewellery Branding. The client wanted to launch a brand which would represent niche, exclusive and high value offerings. The […]

Mumbai Based Interior Design Studio Branding Agency

Interior Design Studio Branding

Here is an assignment of Interior Design Studio Branding, which evolved various dimensions of art and space and helped to represent a brand image that speaks luxury. We, at Golden Mean Advertising Agency, one of the award winning advertising agency of India, was profoundly hooked up with this project to see how art is experienced […]

Mumbai Based Award Winning Advertising Agency

Retail Branding

Retail Branding was one on the interests we as an advertising agency looked ahead for. Golden Mean advertising agency, was offered a project to craft a brand identity that represent a kids footwear and truly stands professional for the target audience. The brand was expected to be launched in tier 1 and tier 2 cities. […]

School Advertising | Mumbai Based Advertising Agency

The Cambria | School Advertising

A School Advertising campaign was developed by Mumbai Based Advertising Agency ‘Golden mean’. The brief was to re-launch an International School having ICGSE board in the suburbs of Mumbai. The objective of the campaign was to develop a school identity that emphasizes a holistic approach of learning along with the international curriculum and inspire the […]

Corporate Advertising | UTF | Micro Labs | Mumbai based Pharmaceutical Advertising Agency | Golden Mean

Corporate Advertising

Here was a Corporate Advertising project of a division, bagged by Golden Mean Healthcare Advertising Agency for a Bangalore Based Pharmaceutical Company, Micro Labs. The brief was to launch an urology division which would cater solutions to ‘urinary tract disorders’. The division had an objective to bring a range of products together in the market […]

FMCG Advertising | Daily Life | Mumbai Based FMCG Advertising Agency In Mumbai | Golden Mean

FMCG Advertising | Daily Life

Here we Golden Mean, acted as the FMCG Advertising Agency for a food production company. The client wanted to establish a range of food products which would encourage daily healthy snacks for food lovers. The client wanted to create its own image that would have a respectable business equity in the near future. Advertising Insight […]

Insync | Product Photography| Mumbai Based Advertising Agency | Golden Mean

Insync | Product Photography

Here was a project of product photography and branding assigned to us by an engineering company. This company is into manufacturing of fluid handling solutions. Primarily the company is focused on quick connect-disconnect couplings which are used in the industries such as Pharmaceuticals, foods & beverages, etc. As an advertising agency, we need to think […]

Rokso Chemicals | Packaging Design| Mumbai based Advertising Agency, Golden Mean

Rokso Chemicals | Packaging Design

Here was a project of branding and Packaging Design awarded to ‘Golden Mean’ advertising agency by a company called ‘Rokso’ which is into development of construction chemicals. The company claimed to offer a quality which is being delivered by some of the giant companies in its category. The client wanted to showcase a company which […]

Decosphere | Branding | Mumbai based Advertising Agency, Golden Mean

Decosphere | Branding

Here we, Golden Mean acted as a Branding Agency for a ‘home furnishing’ company. The client is a manufacturer of ‘Curtains’ and wanted to establish a company which will offer a range of products in home furnishings. The client also wanted to create a brand for ‘Curtains’, which they wanted to put forth in retail outlets. […]

International Women's Day | Self Branding | Mumbai Based Advertising Agency | Golden Mean

International Women’s Day | Self Branding

Self Branding or Self advertising is the need of the hour, if one needs to gain visibility in this ever crowded world. Self Branding not only promotes your strengths, but also helps you to get engaged with the real audience with whom you want to communicate. Here was a Self Branding exercise, we, Golden Mean […]