Retail Branding
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Project Description

Retail Branding was one on the interests we as an advertising agency looked ahead for. Golden Mean advertising agency, was offered a project to craft a brand identity that represent a kids footwear and truly stands professional for the target audience. The brand was expected to be launched in tier 1 and tier 2 cities. The client expected us to ideate a name that narrates a story which helps the brand to promote its offerings through various brand promotions and create a place of its own in the minds of TG


Advertising Insight

While working on the ‘Retail Branding’ of the footwear product, we as an agency focused on three attributes: comfort, status and joy that one aspires from a footwear brand. Footwears being a wide market and an unorganized sector, we thought of ideating a name which would become the vision of the brand and make a true business sense. With this approach, ‘Foot Tales’ was conceptualized. The brand name had an emotional connection with the subject. It expressed the narration of various joful experiences of Kids. The identity of the brand was creatively composed to suit the taste of the TG and add excitement to the brand persona. As packaging was the face of the brand, we identified graphic elements in a modern way that it resembled the mood of the age and styled out a fresh appeal.


Benefits Achieved

The client was happy with the brand representation and its image building. The branding exercise helped the client to portray the vision which they had for the brand and the business.

Project Details
  • ClientRohan Traders
  • Date2022-08-04
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