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Project Description

Here was a project of product photography and branding assigned to us by an engineering company. This company is into manufacturing of fluid handling solutions. Primarily the company is focused on quick connect-disconnect couplings which are used in the industries such as Pharmaceuticals, foods & beverages, etc. As an advertising agency, we need to think of a Company name that reflects company’s core ideology and its purpose of existence. We also needed to shoot a range of their metal couplings that were to be used for their website and other collateral.

Advertising Insight

We coined a name “Insync” for the company, which profoundly suited the company’s business sense and positioned it with a baseline Connect.Unite.Arise. The baseline defined their core values. i.e Firstly, to Connect its audience globally to grow its reach. Secondly, to Unite the needs and demands of the clients efficiently and help them to grow their business. Thirdly, to arise the company, its stake holders, its clients to a new level of success
The product photography was interesting as all the products were made up of steel. They had micro level tiny features which were important to capture in the shoot. A suitable environment was made to to grab the proper reflections and dimensions of each product

Benefit achieved

The client could drive a clear communication through the brand building exercise and appreciated the smart techniques of product photography.

Project Details
  • ClientInsync Engineering
  • Date2017-07-21
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