Rokso Chemicals | Packaging Design
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Project Description

Here was a project of branding and Packaging Design awarded to ‘Golden Mean’ advertising agency by a company called ‘Rokso’ which is into development of construction chemicals. The company claimed to offer a quality which is being delivered by some of the giant companies in its category. The client wanted to showcase a company which is professional in delivering quality products at a competitive price.


Advertising Insight:

As an advertising agency, we helped ‘Rokso’ to position itself as a company offering ‘constructive chemical solutions’. The packaging played an important role in encouraging the visibility of the company.  Hence we decided to keep a bold pattern that easily differentiates and registers the Packaging Design in the minds of the TG. We developed a home packaging theme, which was classified in eight different product categories with changes made only in colors.


Benefits achieved:

The Packaging Design stood out identically in the plethora of its fraternity. The audience was able to choose the brand easily because of its bold impact and a strong design registration.

Project Details
  • ClientRokso Chemicals
  • Date2017-02-08
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