Jewellery Branding
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Project Description

It was truly a rich experience to work on a Jewellery Branding assignment. We at Golden Mean, an Advertising Agency From Mumbai got present to various dynamics of Jewellery industry while working on this assignment of Jewellery Branding.
The client wanted to launch a brand which would represent niche, exclusive and high value offerings. The target audience identified by the client was HNI’s and who’s who of the industry. The briefing was to develop a Brand identity which would depict elegance and sophistication across its collaterals and would speak the language of luxury and uniqueness

Advertising Insight

We feel, Jewellery Branding needs a specialized mindset to perceive the viewpoints of the buyer. With hours of brainstorming with the client, we indulged ourselves in a precise, disciplined way of paying attention to the minute details of the way this business works. We learnt few important things about the business such as the way the Jewellery is presented to the customers, the words that are exchanged during the deal and the way both the parties admire their relationship to grow with each other. We could get the sense of the client’s vision of the brand and where do they currently stand in the journey to achieve that vision. Beginning by creating a Logo Identity, we formulated a plan to roll out the brand story that could gel with the client’s purpose of doing the business. The styling of type-phases, colours, compositions together bought an elegant appeal to the brand persona and across its promotion. Visual appeal being one of the most admired features in the Jewellery industry, we got specialized people on board to craft the details of the imagery.

Benefits Achieved

This Jewellery Branding assignment was an insightful learning process for us, which led to a remarkable outcome for the brand image. The client was happy and testified us for taking the utmost care towards the making this whole brand building exercise

Project Details
  • ClientRoli Jewels
  • Date2022-10-14
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