Interior Design Studio Branding
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Project Description

Here is an assignment of Interior Design Studio Branding, which evolved various dimensions of art and space and helped to represent a brand image that speaks luxury. We, at Golden Mean Advertising Agency, one of the award winning advertising agency of India, was profoundly hooked up with this project to see how art is experienced in space and dimensions of various cultures and communities. The client is an Architect and Interior Design firm, engaged in developing luxurious interior and architectural projects. They wanted to showcase a brand that is niche and has an experiential knowledge to craft a living space that speaks ‘luxury’. Being a seasoned personality, the client wanted to rebrand the firm with a clear and well-defined growth strategy.


Advertising Insight

We, at Golden Mean Advertising Agency were excited to begin this one-of-its kind Interior Design Studio Branding project. Firstly, we understood the client’s mindset and beliefs which they had around their work and the industry working patterns. We, together with client brainstormed and identified a reason to make a cultural shift in terms of communication and perception of the brand image. It helped us an advertising agency to choose what to do and what not to do, particularly when it came to the visual communication of the brand.
The Logo Identity was designed and well composed to define the geometry of the space concepts. It inspired a story line for the brand to depict the purpose of the company and was cleverly expressed in the copy across the website. Further, various collaterals were thought and developed to touch prospective customers at different stages of pitch.


Benefits Achieved

People approached the client on different occasions to enquire about the brand identity and the client felt happy and joyful about it. This feedback shared by the client elevated our confidence to stay deep-rooted with the fundamentals of art and communication, in spite of all the fanciness happening all-around

Project Details
  • ClientAdorn Space Concepts
  • Date2022-12-23
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