Idea Exists In Detail And So Does Change!

An Idea of being Fearless, Courageous, Capable & Brave as a woman, inspired us as an advertising agency to craft a communication on the occasion of ‘International Women’s Day’. Here was an idea that when we observed things in detail, it brought positive changes in our lives.
I along with my team thought about women, who lived a simple routine life. Women who weren’t famous, but definitely they would make every common person feel proud, when they came across.

This part of the Idea is called ‘Being Fearless’

Every woman lives fearlessly in some or the other stage of her life. This thought took us to a Bus Depot, where a simple looking women conductor is fearlessly making her way through the uncertain crowd, across her journey. Isn’t it Powerful?

One of our team members from the creative department named Shivaji, took the task of identifying the woman conductor. He personally went to various Bus-Depots. He was asked with a number of questions and permissions to be taken. Frustratingly, he returned back to office with an answer – ‘No’. He was down with his morale and a bit scared of how to make this task possible. Our team together made him realize the ‘fearless’ attitude of that woman conductor, whom he is searching for. This appealed Shivaji to live upto the Idea. With this instinct he went back to the depot, overcoming his hurdles of communication, made his way to upper management. In the process he met the chief of ‘Bus Maha Mandal’ who looks after advertising and finally got permission to shoot at Mumbai Central Bus Depot.

Friends, here is an act of Fearlessness, what Shivaji did. He was able to break his barrier of communication. He is now more confident about meeting new people. He felt powerful within, thanks to the inspiring Idea of ‘how a woman conductor lives her life fearlessly in the midst of an uncertain crowd’.

This part of the Idea is called ‘Being Courageous’

Taking the Idea ahead, we as a team thought of capturing the life of Women Auto-rickshaw driver. The task of a woman-Auto rickshaw driver demands courage to travel alone on an open road, with unknown travelers and uncertain hurdles. Isn’t it Powerful?

One of our creative team members, Loukik contributed his efforts in arranging the auto rickshaw, a women auto driver and to figure out a location. He assisted the whole shoot of the Woman Auto rickshaw driver. A day before the shoot, he was nervous as he was not able to plan the shoot properly, as to how to shoot & where to shoot. The next day morning, the whole team gathered and encouraged Loukik to take decisions and act boldly without hesitating or feeling shy about anything. As the shoot began, the whole team profoundly sensed the courage and strength of the woman driver. We could sense her determination, conviction and guts, that she must be carrying when she is on the road.

Friends, her attitude and body language made us realize the amount of responsibilities, she must be having as a woman who is doing a hard driven job. Overall, this Idea of ‘how a woman driver rides courageously on the path of the unknown’ made each one of us feel courageous to take a step towards the day to day challenges of our life and face it!

This part of the Idea is called ‘Being Capable’

Here was an Idea to showcase a woman car mechanic, who performs her tasks well in the so called men’s world. Isn’t it Powerful?

This task was taken ahead by Sheetal, again a team member of the creative team. Being a woman, it was a hard reality for her to see a woman doing such a tough & the laborious job of a car mechanic. She admired the muscle strength of the woman on the job. She could actually sense the capability of the woman and her ability to withstand strongly amongst other men who were on the job. Sheetal was truly zapped with the focus, a woman car mechanic possess, in spite of all the distractions she must be coming across while doing this kind of earthy task. By simply executing this task, Sheetal gained much more confidence to uplift her mental and physical strength to withstand the hurdles of her life.

For all of us as a team, we were profoundly inspired by the Idea, that no matter who you are or what size you are or where you are, one is capable to do anything, if he or she is truly focused to take on the tasks in life.

This part of the Idea is called ‘Being Brave’

Here was an Idea to capture a Woman Police Officer patrolling the streets during dark at night. It’s a task only few opt for. Isn’t it Powerful?

This task was given to Asmita, one of the senior most creative person of the agency. She personally never came across any police person in her life. At first, she was reluctant to approach any police station or a women officer. But as she started working on the script and framing the whole Idea, she got inculcated with the bravery of a Woman Officer. This inspired her to dig all her contacts and every possible resource which would help her to connect with a Woman Officer. Asmita managed to rope in a senior women officer for the project. She was happy and excited that she could approach and convince someone who was unknown to her.

Friends, as the shoot took off, Asmita along with the whole team was deeply touched by the role of a woman officer. It really uplifted our self-esteem as a team.

Today, I felt about sharing these interesting insights with everyone who works individually or as a team. This experience proved that each one of us has some powerful ability within us and it only needs an opportunity to come out. I hope we all start believing ourselves and our potential to face the unknown and bring the positive change in our life.
Friends, I, Deepak Nanekar, the Strategy Director of a Mumbai based, Award-winning Advertising agency ‘Golden Mean’, would like to hear your observations about any Idea that changed your life. Please feel free to share, as your sharing can be an inspiration to many!


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