Image Building Is The Priority Of The Nation

We all have priorities. For some family comes first, for some business, for some friends, for some money and the list goes on and on. With whatever priorities we set, we take actions and these actions later define our results and in a way our Image.

Making of an Idea

Republic day was about to come in a few days. At Golden Mean advertising agency, our whole team thought of developing some realistic theme for the occasion. Right from our front-desk assistant to visualizers to directors, all started brainstorming various ideas. As a communication agency, we decided that we should deliver a clear message with some take-home points.

One of our team member narrated a story of ‘how a man chose to pick up money fallen on the road instead of an Indian flag’. We all sat over a cup of coffee with this story. We thought of executing this story in motion. The team was excited to shoot this whole drama. Later we started planning the location, the props, the actor, the frames, the sound and much more. One thing that suddenly striked us, that ‘what should be the exact message, that will make the viewer think upon?’

An idea mingled in my mind, that why do people choose something else instead of what was required to be chosen? Or have people forgotten their needs? Or are they so much distracted by the unknown attractions of the world that they tend to underestimate their own values and ethics? Have they become selfish? Or are they ignoring everything around them and just thinking about themselves? These all questions started tumbling one after the other in our minds. We strongly felt that, this all would build a toxic Image of ourselves as wise human beings.

The call-to-action

We, as a team understood that people have knowingly or unknowingly forgotten the importance of what is required to be done first. Whether it is in relationships, work, society or anything, it’s important to identify what needs to be done and prioritize the tasks accordingly. Prioritizing reduces stress and helps us to focus. We drafted our copy on the similar thoughts, i.e. “What’s your priority?”  It stuck like a question in viewer’s mind. With this video we wanted to urge people to change their priorities and take wise actions to build a proper Image of themselves and the nation.

The video had more than 2600 views in couple of days of its upload.

Friends, I, Deepak Nanekar, the Strategy Director of a Mumbai based, Award-winning Advertising agency “Golden Mean”, would like to hear your priorities about Image building of yours and your nation

Please feel free to share, as your sharing can be an inspiration to many…


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