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Happiness Is A Thrill

An idea to live in the ‘present moment’ makes us feel complete and brings excitement & Happiness to most of us in a profound way. It’s an opportunity to understand ourselves, our truest feelings, our emotions & thoughts, and it gives us the confidence to live to the fullest.

A Story of living in the ‘Present’

Few days back, I along with my family and friends was traveling in the midst of Western Ghats of Maharashtra. The lush green landscape along the banks of river ‘Vashishti’ near Chiplun, was a divine serene to the eye. Together, we all decided to go for a crocodile safari. Standing on the edge of the bank, here was a guide who told us that there are more than 110 wild crocodiles in this flow of the river. This scared us a bit and few of us where hesitating to seat inside the travel boat.

We, adults were bit nervous about the fact that we were going to watch crocodiles and weren’t comfortable with the boat. But the kids, who were with us, were excited just by the experience of sitting in the boat. Kids had an amazing curiosity to watch the river and moreover the crocodiles. They seemed to be fearless. Just to share, I got presented with such a wonderful insight, i.e. Kids were so much living in the present, that they experienced each moment in Happiness. But we adults were nervous for the future (of seeing crocodiles) and how this journey is going to happen and so on. The kids seemed to be thrilled all the time by watching the amazing nature throughout the journey. But, we adults were just looking for crocodiles and missing the beauty of the nature which existed around us.

This whole experience, reminded me once again of how we grown-ups live life on a daily basis by just thinking and worrying about the consequences of the things which may happen, and then take decisions or choose a action. I just questioned myself, is it difficult to live in the ‘present’ just like the kids did and experience the essence of the ‘moment’ happening around us. Or are we so much habituated of thinking about the future that we don’t even know where do we stand today.

An Advertising Insight

Friends, being in the world of advertising, I see communications and creative’s that vaguely speak so much of future and make people dream something unrealistic and unaccountable. I feel advertising today, should identify the present needs and demands of the people and help them to uplift their lives towards a better and desirable future. With this approach, advertising will truly account for Happiness in one’s life and even for the agencies it will be a thrill to work upon.

Friends, I, Deepak Nanekar, the Strategy Director of a Mumbai based, Award-winning Advertising agency “Golden Mean”, would like to hear your observations about living in present and creating breakthroughs to live a better life. Please feel free to share, as your sharing can be an inspiration to many!


  1. Agastya Kapoor


    1. gmadmin

      Thank you Agastya!

  2. Rajesh.B.Shetty

    Dear ln.Deepak ji,
    Gone through your real life article…It’s too good.
    I truly believe that if we want to enjoy every moment of life ..Then we need to become a child..
    No ego..No status…No enmity…. Transperant….Not to harm any one intentionally…..These are the qualities of child…We must posses….Easy to say but….Little difficult to follow..
    Why….? It’s because we have preconditioned our mind…What others feel matters more for us than our own likings & satisfaction.

    These all make us think forward & we miss the present.

    Simple step: Don’t ever think that we are special…It will remove all your stresses…The moment we feel that we are special we start forward thinking..

    Suggest : go through the book written by Sri Ravi Shankarji I.e celebrating the silence…Good to read.

    That’s all my friend …Thanks for giving me a chance to share my views….
    All the very best.

    1. gmadmin

      Dear Ln. Rajesh ji,
      It was great to see you going through the blog in detail and sharing your insights on the same. This inspires us to share and write many such articles. It was also a learning experience for us to know your understandings of possessing childlike qualities.
      Do keep reading our blogs and let us know your feedbacks on the same!

  3. Bablofil

    Thanks, great article.

  4. SanjayJ

    Deepak bhai, living in the present to cause a pleasant future, irrespective of the past and fearless of the future, is a balance that we all truly appreciate and strive to achieve… really, is it not in our life experience that God helps and empowers those who help themselves, who are well intentioned and who forebear, forgive and who are givers?

    Children are purer souls. Self satisfaction and the experience of happiness are related virtues. Everyone can refresh and rejuvenate living in awareness. We Bharatwasis are blessed with resources that we can value increasingly and get endowed from.

    Wish you a great future, beginning with the present.. every moment. Regards. Om Shanti ??

    1. gmadmin

      Thank you Sanjay ji for your valuable insights!


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