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Simplicity Is The Essence Of Creativity!

Creativity is a commonsense. It is a sensible idea. It is a Mass Communication, both likable and doable by masses. Ultimately, Creativity is Simplicity.


India is a country of masses. Different geographies, different languages, different lifestyles form a challenging environment for anyone to communicate universally to these masses. I just wondered some of the common ideas that were reinvented in such a way that it influenced masses. It helped masses to take action towards a common goal. In the recent past, an idea like #swachhbharatabhiyan and few such ideas, which were been implemented, captured the attention of the whole nation. The Simplicity of the idea was the most beautiful part of the idea. It was universally understood by everyone with the same level of communication. It needed less explanation. It engaged people from all walks of life. And more importantly, Simplicity of the idea helped the authority to measure its accountability. The #swacchbharatabhiyan cleverly portrayed its goal through its communication, strong visibility and its identity. It’s identity of the logo connected every Indian with the core individual who initiated this movement a long time ago.


Few days back we had done an advertising campaign for a Brand Wokride-D, which belong to Wockhardt. The brand was meant to bring relief from acidity. We wanted to bring a mass appeal to its advertising campaign. Hence we took the topic of food that triggered acidity symptoms. We changed the words that bring temptation of food into acid expressing words. Visually we created the packaging of food stuff and communicated acidic symptoms on it. Inside the packaging we kept our brand samples. The idea was simple. It communicated the message that when those tempting -food triggers acidity, you have a solution inside, i.e. our brand. The client liked the idea because of its Simplicity and clarity of the thought and it had an appeal of Mass Communication.

Friends I, Deepak Nanekar, the Strategy Director of a Mumbai based, Award-winning Advertising agency ‘Golden Mean’, would like to hear your views and comments on this article…


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