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What Is Your Brand-Story?

Over years of experience of observing people and brands, I felt it’s wise to have a Brand-Story for oneself. In this ever transforming world, it’s important to establish ourselves and our brands with an identity of it’s own. This is possible by creating a Brand-Story that adds value to ourselves or for our brand’s existence. It should appeal the world around, in an interesting way.

We all have an opportunity to create a memorable story for our life or for brands which we build. The only difference is whether the story is a good one or a bad one.

Few years back, our agency ‘Golden Mean’ got an assignment to launch a brand which was a medicine to treat a bone disorder called osteoporosis. The disorder ‘osteoporosis’ usually happens in old age. We brainstormed among ourselves about the idea and its communication. We wanted to build an emotional, sensitive and a realistic communication for the brand.

We came up with a theme called ‘Long Live Bones’. This theme gave us a story line for the brand. We built the whole content of the campaign which expressed the desire of the sufferer which is to keep bones healthy for a longer time. The story also tackled the mindset of the target audience, as they got a sense of feeling of being blessed with the communication of ‘Long Live Bones’. We were able to stretch the story line for 3 years consistently, which was remarkable in this highly changing and competitive market. We won an international creative award at New York, for an animation we created based on the story of ‘Long Live Bones’

I personally feel, we all here have the creative potential to deliver and experience the best of us. And with the best that we offer, we can create a story that will inspire generations to come. Our decisions, actions and communication, together will help us to build up an interesting storyline for us or for the brands we build!

Friends, I, Deepak Nanekar, the Strategy Director of a Mumbai based, Award-winning Advertising agency ‘Golden Mean’, would like to hear your story that created a difference out there.

Please feel free to share…


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