‘Golden Mean’ Explained Humorously!

When we grow up as a children, we find humor in small things. Many simple things make us happy and more importantly these simple things help us to understand the big things of life. Like, when we saw our mom hold a scale in her hand and tell us that this is a plane which is flying high, we were exposed to the concept called ‘aeroplane’. And further, we could relate the scale with a real plane of the outside world. Same way, when our dad made faces of different animals and made us laugh, we could actually relate those expressions with the animals when we saw them later in real life.

But as we grow older, we adults don’t seem to do well with simple things. Our imagination, our judgement, our conclusions make our life a bit complex. Somewhere we find ourselves detached with the simplicity of life.

In the recent past, as a creative person, I explored an interesting design concept called ‘golden ratio or Golden Mean principle’. I found people had difficulty in understanding it. There was this creative video which humorously explained ‘Golden Mean’ principle in a simple way for anyone to understand. I thought of sharing it with you. Go ahead and check it yourself.

Friends I, Deepak Nanekar, the Strategy Director of a Mumbai based, Award-winning Advertising agency ‘Golden Mean’, would like to hear your thoughts on the ‘golden ratio’ which is called the ‘Golden Mean’…


  1. Jonelle96

    Reading your website is pure pleasure for me, it deserves to go viral


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