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Brand Building is more than one big thing!

Brand Building or Branding can be developed for personal image building or for a product promotion. It doesn’t take one big thing to become a brand, but it takes many small things with bigger values to become a brand in the longer run of life. It’s a combination of actions, behavior, communication and feeling, which defines the image or branding of an particular entity.


A Great Anecdote about Brand Building:

Many years ago, when I had began my career, I used to travel home late from office. Mostly in the midnight. I generally use to board the last local train to reach my destination. There was this strange man with a bag full of water bottles, who would enter the compartment everyday. He use to go from person to person, compartment to compartment and offer water to everyone. He was very active and enthusiastic of what he was doing in the middle of the night, when most of the people were tired and dosing in the train. He was gentle and polite and with a humble voice, he use to say ‘this is a service to humanity, let me serve, please have it’. There used to be compassion in his eyes and without any second thought the travelers use to trust this unknown man and drink water which he use to offer.  I have seen him almost every other day whenever I had boarded the last local train. His act of differentiation was so catchy and memorable that even today after more than 15 years , I could strongly remember him and his act of humanity.


Today I feel what a powerful brand he was. He had all the values which were necessary for branding and establishing a good thought and an image. His action had mass acceptance, realistic approach of serving tired people in the night. He had enthusiasm and energy for his purpose and a communication that gained trust. I profoundly thought that all the entities, which have lived the time, whether it’s a person or a product, have branded themselves well and connected human emotions consistently.


Friends I, Deepak Nanekar, the Strategy Director of a Mumbai based, Award-winning Advertising agency ‘Golden Mean’, would like to hear your thoughts on branding and more…



    Hi DEEPAK good observation yes I liked your way of presenting it keep it up and looking forward for some blogs ?? All the best

    1. gmadmin

      Thank you Sachin!

  2. Abhishek Sharma

    Nice nice nice. My dear friend Deepak and my classmate, it’s really nice to read your blog and feeling happy for you. You are right, every human or say everything in the world is a brand itself like sun or moon, They are brands on their own and that’s the way we all should feel ourselves. Proud of you to bringing up such a nice story.

    1. gmadmin

      Thank you Abhishek for your feedback. It inspires us to come up with more of such interesting insights!


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