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Decosphere - Golden Mean Advertising Agency , Award Winning Ad Agency, Mumbai

Decosphere – Golden Mean Advertising Agency , Award Winning Ad Agency, Mumbai
Here we, Golden Mean acted as a Branding Agency for a ‘home furnishing’ company. The client is a manufacturer of ‘Curtains’ and wanted to establish a company which will offer a range of products in home furnishings. The client also wanted to create a brand for ‘Curtains’, which they wanted to put forth in retail outlets. Garments and Curtains being a highly competitive market, we as a Branding Agency, figured out the segment in which the new company and its brands would compete. We studied the competitor brands and companies in terms of their market presence, price value, customer acceptance etc.


Advertising Insight:

As a Branding Agency, we identified the approach and presence, the company and its brand should follow in order to hit the retailer based overcrowded market. We coined the name ‘Decosphere’ for the company. The name ‘Decopshere’ expressed a philosophy of a space which is equipped with various decorative articles this company would offer. Its baseline communicated the act of redefining the ambiance around you.
Later we coined a name ‘Four Corners’, as a brand name for Curtains. As a Branding Agency, we identified the communication approach and the visibility factor of the company and its brand such that they could make a place of their own in the overcrowded market. Even the curtains have four corners to be more precise. The name was an exact fit for the Curtains.
As a Branding Agency, we took care that the company and the brand name were unique and could easily pass the trademark registration process.
We had also developed packaging for various price range of the brand.


Benefits achieved:

The very thought that our homes have four corners inspired us to name the brand as ‘Four Corners’, which made it easier to co-relate and position it for home-furnishing category. We along with the company, ideated a sales strategy which would differentiate the brand in terms of quality and price, in the minds of the retailer and also the end user. The whole presence of the brand perceived a professional and a well organized image in front of the viewer.



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