Internal Communication Event | Golden Mean Advertising Healthcare Agency in Mumbai

Internal Communication

Internal Communication Event | Golden Mean Healthcare Advertising Agency in Mumbai

This was a project to drive an Internal Communication through the medium of an event, offered by GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals to Golden Mean Advertising Agency. It was an event to help the client’s employees experience an electronic platform, which they were to launch soon inorder to make their business activities smoother. The e-platform was majorly to maintain and transact records pertaining to Supply Chain Management, Travel management, Finance management, etc. The event had an objective to help employees get familiar with the e-platform and interact about the same. The client wanted to drive an idea of a model office for this e-platform,to facilitate the employees in having a first-hand experience of the platform.

Advertising Insight

As an advertising agency, we executed a theme, where each ambience exhibitedan image of arelevant topic and gave the audience a feel of the category which they belonged to.Our teasers helped the employees develop an inquisitive mind. The Graphic’s, Prototypes of relative elements, and Collaterals, were well crafted to emphasize the communication of the event.

Benefits Achieved

The event had a good level of participation and interaction among the employees. We could see people eagerly being engaged in the understanding of topics relevant to them. The client appreciated the theme and look of the event and the way it was executed.



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