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Advertising Agency in Mumbai
Here was a Brand Launch for GSK bagged by ‘Golden Mean’ an Award Winning Advertising Agency in Mumbai. It was a project to launch a Healthcare brand named, Seretide 28, a brand that is prescribed for asthma patients. GSK already has a brand Seretide 60, which is promoted in Tier 1 cities and is priced superiorly in comparison to its competitors.  The purpose to launch Seretide 28  was to  offer a low dosage drug that suits patient’s dosage protocol and gives an option for better compliance and affordability for patients. GSK also wanted to create its presence in the tier 2, 3 and 4 segment with this Brand Launch.  The client expected us to develop clear positioning difference for SERETIDE 28, such that it stands and communicates its own philosophy identically in comparison to Seretide 60 and also to acquire a market share in the small dosage segment, where other competitors were already present.


Advertising Insight

We, as an Advertising Agency, conceptualized a different communication for the brand i.e. A Small Dose of Happiness which appealed to the viewers, both emotionally as well as scientifically. It clearly stated the purpose of the brand and its offerings towards the TG. The Story was kept fresh and had a positive approach in terms of communication which encouraged the doctors to look up to the brand which will help the asthmatic’s to deal with the challenges of asthma. We started with a field launch event where nearly 250 Sales representatives were present and inspired with the purpose of the brand. The event was well themed with creative’s and activities to register the brand highlights. The Sales representatives were divided in different teams to compete within themselves for rest of the year with well-defined goals. Further as an Advertising Agency we launched the brand to doctors by developing Teasers, Digital PDA’s, Various Collaterals, Inputs for Symposium on Asthma and many more.


Benefits achieved

As thought, the brand gained a clear positioning in the mind of the doctors as well as Sales people. It brought freshness in terms of communication and visual approach for the TG. The Brand launch was well executed and communicated as per the strategy and was accepted by the TG.



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