Wokride D | Brand Launch
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Project Description

We at Golden Mean, a Mumbai Based Healthcare Brand Launch Advertising Agency, have won an International Awards at the Rx Club Show, New York for this project which was a launch of a brand named “Wokride D”. The brand was in a tablet form to address the challenges of Hyperacidity and it belonged to Wockhardt Pharmaceuticals. The brand existed in a highly competitive market and it needed an idea that would edge it out with strong visibility in the minds of the target audience. The expectation was to hit the masses, with a clear and simple message in a creative manner.

Advertising Insight

Golden Mean, as an Healthcare Advertising Agency came up with an idea that had a strong visual appeal and offered a creative experience to the audience. We developed prototypes of packaging of various foodie delights that triggered acidity among the food crazy people. We coined a headline that could easily relate with the symptoms of acidity and gel with the write-up of the actual packaging. We placed sample pack of the drug inside the packaging.

Benefits achieved

The idea worked well. It was eye-catchy and more interactive for the audience. It cleverly communicated the problem and the solution. The idea was stretchable, appealing and interesting for everyone who came across it, and moreover, it won an International award !

Project Details
  • ClientWockhardt
  • Date2016-11-28
  • Wokride D | Brand Launch
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