WAVE | A Gender Dividend Event
Project Description

Here was a project awarded to ‘Golden Mean’ advertising agency on ‘Gender Dividend’ by a pharmaceutical company, GSK. The objective of the project was to increase the awareness of women participation across various roles in the organisation. The client wanted to create an event to address this ‘Gender Dividend’ objective.


Advertising thought:

We as an agency, branded this event as ‘WAVE’.  The name, ’WAVE’ was coined to define the flow of change that would inspire the organisation to involve women in decision-making activities. It was meant to express the sense of belief amongst the organisation that ‘women makes a business sense’. Also the first and the last letter of ‘WAVE’ defined Women Empowerment. Over all, through this event we needed to justify and convince the importance of women participation across the male community in an optimistic manner.

We ideated the event, by keeping a straight forward communication i.e. Does women across organisation makes a business sense?. The communication was displayed on two entry doors; also one door had the tag of “I Agree” and the other had the tag of “I Disagree”. People coming inside the organisation entered through doors depending on their views and opinions. Further, in the inner area we had kept an ‘Emcee’ and a ‘Cameraman’ with an appropriate backdrop. As soon as someone entered through the door, the Emcee used to interview the person and would ask the reason of entering from the respective door. The Emcee would ask the person about his or her views on women encouragement and her importance in business decisions. This footage was streamed live on LED displays which were placed units in couple of parts of the organisation, such that it could be visible to the maximum audience in the organisation.


Benefits achieved:

This activity helped us to engage the audience with the importance of ‘gender dividend’ and ‘the role of women in the business’. The event was well executed and created a buzz in the organisation. We had also developed the Teasers, Logo revealing activity, Standees, Danglers, Badges, etc to create the necessary aura for the event. Overall the event had a good recall value and helped people to relate towards the objective of the event with an high engaging value.

Project Details
  • ClientGlaxoSmithKline
  • Date2016-12-13
  • Categories
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