User Interface Design
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Project Description

User Interface Design has a lot to do with the narrative of the brand and how one should engage with the brand. We, Golden mean, an Advertising Agency based in Mumbai, bagged a project to develop and design the User Interface of a website. The client ‘Bizstart’ is a startup, which wanted us to creatively depict its business approach through the website. ‘Bizstart’ is an online platform, which helps one to choose what business he/she should start based on the various aspects, which are well thought and are researched-based.


Advertising Insight

Storytelling comes with a curative approach, and needs to be depicted in a minimal way, when it comes to sell a story via User Interface Design in the virtual world. It all started by ideating the name for this startup brand. The name ‘Bizstart’, reflected the essence of what it stood for. The positioning statement of the brand, i.e. ‘Fostering business minds’ formed the foundation of the brand’s storytelling. We as an advertising agency, crafted the website wireframe that would take the narration ahead. We ideated the functional design for a website which would act like a breakthrough pitch for its users when they would interact with it. We proactively thought that each communication point in the website should urge the viewer to look ahead inside the website. The minimalistic and the modern way of portraying graphics was intentionally built to sensitise the target audience and help them to connect with the right content on the website in an easier way.


Benefits Achieved

The assignment of User Interface Design helped the client to communicate the core message of the website in an easier, yet modern way. We could meet the desired perception of the brand and helped the client to foster his dream towards the startup revolution

Project Details
  • ClientBizstart
  • Date2022-05-30
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