Dariff | Campaign
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Project Description

Here was a project to develop a Healthcare Advertising Campaign awarded to Golden Mean advertising agency by a pharmaceutical company, ‘Alembic’. The brand was ‘Dariff’, which belonged to Urology healthcare category. The brand had an high competition in terms of visibility and was facing challenges in Brand detailing. The objective of the campaign was to maximize brand visibility by showcasing the ‘health issue’ in a creative manner. The client wanted an advertising campaign that would effortlessly communicate the USP of the brand.


Advertising thought:

The brand was meant for people suffering from ‘urgency to urinate’ i.e. urinary incontinence. It was challenging to depict the issue practically. We, as a creative team conceptualized a thought that would depict the situation without much explanation. The choice of situations & images depicted in the advertising campaign expressed the idea, certainly. The creative team enjoyed developing visuals that would naturally appeal the idea. The idea touched the viewer’s emotionally and helped the brand to justify its advantage.


Benefits achieved:

The idea and the whole Healthcare Advertising Campaign gained a good brand registration in the doctor’s mind. It emotionally appealed the doctors with a clear take on the message. The campaign had a stretch of one year brand plan, which added to the consistent visibility factor of the brand.

Project Details
  • ClientAlembic
  • Date2015-11-15
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