Social Media Advertising
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Project Description

Here was a Social Media Advertising project developed for a Startup. The startup is known as ‘Bizstart’, who had ventured into developing a virtual platform for aspiring entrepreneurs. The intention of the Startup was to help and guide these aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own business. The briefing was to launch the startup brand and strategize the creative story telling of the brand, such that it gets positioned well amongst it TG


Advertising Insight

Since the brand wanted to increase its visibility through Social Media Advertising, we as an Advertising Agency, developed a creative plan that narrated its unique offering in the correct sense. It all started by ideating the name for the startup brand. The name ‘Bizstart’, reflected the essence of what it stood for. The positioning statement of the brand, i.e. ‘Fostering business minds’ formed the foundation of storytelling. The main expectation was that the communication of this social media advertising, should look like it was for those who want to start a new business and not for those how want to do a career change. The narration of the story was kept simple and styled smartly to connect the desired target audience. The creative’s were built in two phases, to build the hype of the story and extend the life of the idea in the viewer’s mind. The visual appeal was developed in such a way that it attracts the target in a sensible way


Benefits Achieved

The creative developed for social media advertising expressed the challenges faced by the target audience and met the expectation of the client interms of the story telling. The visuals could easily relate the audience and what they were looking for. They were self explained and dramatically illustrated to make the idea memorable.

Project Details
  • ClientBizstart
  • Date2020-12-03
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