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Project Description

Here was a project of Exhibition Stall Design and Installation done by Mumbai Based Advertising Agency, Golden Mean for a client who is into the Industry of Building Construction Chemicals. The client offers solutions to deal with challenges predominantly cracks, de-bonding of plasters, water leakages and seepages. The client had participated in the ACETECH 2017, which was Asia’s largest Architecture and Building Material Show. The client wanted a different, yet customer-centric look for its stall inside the exhibition

Advertising Insight

We as an advertising agency, went through all details of the aspects in which the client deals into. We understood how the industry functions and how does it behave’s when it comes to making business decisions. We precisely chose the design elements and prop’s to enhance the visual appeal of the stall. We as an advertising agency, developed a theme that was appropriate to the look and feel of the construction site where the client’s products are actually used. The display of products, a demo wall, cabin’s, signage’s, panels and all those small details were taken care to develop the desired visual experience.

Benefits Achieved

By keeping the look of the stall more authentic, it engaged the target audience effortlessly. The client appreciated the proper use of space and design and was happy to see people interacting and spending time to see their products and understand their usage and trade dynamics. The client was pleased with the agency’s professional approach towards the overall Exhibition Stall Design and the stall’s perception among the visiting audience.

Project Details
  • ClientPrecise Conchem
  • Date2017-11-02
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