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An Internal communication theme developed by Golden Mean advertising agency

Here was a project given to ‘Golden Mean’ advertising agency to develop a Division theme for Internal Communication purpose by a pharmaceutical company ‘Bayer’. The theme needed to have a common communication across the sales and marketing verticals of a division. The division catered the needs of Veterinary industry. The theme needed to run throughout the year, by initiating competitive tasks and day to day reminders. The theme’s core objective was to focus on the high value brands, which were assigned to the division for the year and gain a mega growth in terms of sales.


Advertising Insight:

The division was communicated to multiply the growth of its few brands which were high in potential and sales. Hence, as an agency, we had coined a theme ‘Mega calling’. The name of the theme itself conveyed the message of achieving mega growth for the year through those chosen brands. We developed a launch event to communicate the theme. It was hosted at a venue, where all the sales people from across India had gathered. We created the ambience and developed activities that communicated the objective of the division. Through the theme, we urged people to drive the objective in their actions, behaviors, goal sheets. Later with various mediums of Internal Communication, the theme was very well imbibed in the minds of the people throughout the year.