Hum Hi Jeetenge | Song
Project Description

Here was a song composition project awarded to ‘Golden mean’ Healthcare Advertising Agency by a Pharmaceutical company ‘Wockhardt’. The project was to compose & record a song, which would inspire sales people and drive them towards the objective of the company. We knew, that when it comes to healthcare advertising, the sales people / medical representatives are the crucial ones to be inspired for. Hence, we knew that the song needed to create a sense of ownership among the team members, in regard to its objective. The song was to be played during the sales meet of the company. Right from the initiation of this project, the client himself was fascinated about the song as he had played an important role in constructing the lyrics for the song.


Advertising Insight:

We as an agency sorted a right team of Singers, Sound Engineer, Music composer and studio for the client. Our Creative head along with the Music composer brainstormed and instrumented the right feel for the tune, which was needed for the song. We developed a foot-tapping tune that would build a perfect aura for the song. The tune supported the lyrics and the feel of the song with a right note. It gave a suitable background to justify the lyrics in the foreground. The singers chosen had set the right mood for the song. They reflected the emotions behind the lyrics in a well-mannered way. The variations in the pitch made the song more melodious. Overall the song was well engineered with a right track and right singing. It justified the communication and its promotional approach.


Benefits achieved:

The song became an instant hit among the team, as the tune and the lyrics hit the core message of the communication. The song had a good recall value and created a fresh appeal among the team members. It motivated the team members to be in tune with the target and objective set by the company. Overall it was a well-contributed mutual effort by the client and the creative team.

Project Details
  • ClientWockhardt
  • Date2017-03-04
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