Retail Advertising Campaign
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Project Description

Here, was a Retail Advertising Campaign assigned to Mumbai Based Advertising Agency ‘Golden Mean’. The campaign was to develop inputs for the launch of LED Light series and LED Battens. The brands belonged to one of the most reputed organizations “Crompton”  in its category. The company recently had driven their focus towards residential lighting systems and wanted to make a mark of its own in the category. The brief was to develop a Retail Advertising Campaign which could impact the Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities to establish the brand presence. The objective was to develop a communication that attracts and informs the benefits of the products to the respective target audience.


Advertising insight:

As a Advertising Agency, we started brainstorming about the communication approach that was needed to build this Retail Advertising Campaign. Retail being a competitive market, we had to creatively depict and communicate the core strengths of the products in an easier way. We studied various ranges of LED Series available in the market interms of their advertising approach. Putting all the research and viewpoints together, we identified the graphic art needed for the inputs. We had developed posters and danglers, with an appropriate use of design and info-graphics, such that it clearly showcased the product as well as its benefits.


Benefits achieved:

The output of this Retail Advertising Campaign was well appreciated by the client. It appealed to their dealers and mass audience, effectively. The poster and danglers which were displayed in the shops, remarkably grabbed the attention of the viewers.

Project Details
  • ClientCROMPTON
  • Date2016-11-14
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