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Project Description

Emotions have always been at the core to demonstrate the Brand Communication. Here was a creative assignment executed by Golden Mean, one of the best creative advertising agencies from Mumbai. The client, Cipla, a leading healthcare company, wanted to create awareness of eyesight-care on the occasion of ‘World Sight Day’. Till date, lot has been told about the complications and the issues related to loss of eyesight, hence the client expected us to come up with a fresh and positive story to express the theme of world sight day.


Advertising Insight

We at Golden Mean, have always believed that visuals if displayed in the right manner have the power to express the Brand Communication in a profound manner. The theme ‘Love your eyes’ was a pure sentiment of compassion towards what we see in life. Different humans have different perspectives to see a particular thing. And also at different stages of life. Hence we chose to portray the emotions of people of different ages, which they would love to express. We chose portraits that expressed the emotion and the attitude of a particular age and composed them with a suitable graphic to relate with the message of the theme. We developed creatives for various mediums of promotions and saw that the core message was conveyed in the right essence. The treatment for visuals and the composition of graphic conveyed the idea clearly.


Benefits Achieved

The bold expression of visuals portrayed the thought at ease and as a result they communicated the importance of the eyes to the audience in a clear way. The treatment of visuals attracted the viewer. The creative were easily adapted across the print and digital mediums of promotions. The sentiment of the visuals depicted the Brand Communication in its true emotional sense. Most importantly, client appreciated the output and was happy.

Project Details
  • ClientCipla
  • Date2021-10-14
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