Retail Brand Building
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Project Description

Here was a Retail Brand Building exercise done by Mumbai based advertising Agency ‘Golden mean’. The project was briefed to us by a young and dynamic small-sized business enterprise. The business owner was inspired by the thought process of ‘vocal for local’, and hence decided to develop a brand in daily snack category.

Advertising Insight

After the pandemic was stuck, many businesses took a hit in the market. Some of them thought of reinventing their business approach and this assignment is one those. Here was a brand called ‘Shrimant’, that was derived out of passion towards food. The business owner was from rural area of Maharashtra and wanted to start a food business. The brand was intended to be promoted locally and in rural markets of Maharashtra. We, as an advertising agency, understood the company’s mindset and the demographics of the local people. The brand building exercise was started by crafting a ‘name-identity’ that would suit the regional target audience. Keeping in the mind the likeness of people in the rural areas, we branded the name ‘Shrimant’ for the food range. We further developed packaging of the brand. It articulated the aesthetics that were aligned with the variety of food items. We planned the brand’s business collaterals that communicated the brand message appropriately

Benefits Achieved

The Retail Brand Building exercise was well executed by mutual acceptance of client and the agency. The brand’s packaging attracted the distributors and the retail shop owners. It gave a perception of an organized brand, which helped the business to establish its products in the retail space. The plan of action, was well implemented and orders were booked from the first day of its promotion

Project Details
  • ClientShrimant
  • Date2021-02-02
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