Healthcare Advertising
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Project Description

Here was an Advertising Communication built for a Company launch in the Middle-East region, by one the Best Healthcare Advertising Agency ‘Golden Mean’. The project was to launch a Pharmaceutical company ‘Glenmark’ and its brand, ‘Combiwave’ in Middle-East, by understanding the demographics and industry behavioral traits of that particular region. The Company wanted to spread its reach in Respiratory management in Saudi Arabia. And the brand was meant for asthma management.

Advertising Insight

During these covid times, the world was going through a lockdown period. It was a challenging time for both, the client aswell as us, to launch the company and the brand. To live upto the standards of being one of the Best Healthcare Advertising Agency, we as a team did a thorough research of the various aspects of the market. We understood the trade practices and human psychology of that particular region. We constantly exchanged information with the client to get better consumer insights. With a serious background research, we came up with a concept, ‘wave of excellence’ which reflected the company’s legacy of excellence and also portrayed the brand’s offerings. The concept was crafted creatively in the campaign’s communication. The deliverable’s were smartly executed in gimmick-forms to hype the curiosity of the brand and bring excitement within the sales force.

Benefits Achieved

We worked like the Best Healthcare Advertising Agency and the outcome of the Healthcare Advertising campaign was well appreciated by the client. The launch of the campaign had a good response among the TG. The client was happy with the turnaround time which took to build the concept and execute the same. The visuals were bold enough to capture the viewer’s mind. Overall the campaign was a blend of digital as well as print media

Project Details
  • ClientGlenmark Pharma
  • Date2020-08-10
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