Award Winning Campaign
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Project Description

This project was an Award Winning Advertising Campaign done for a brand named ‘Wokadine’. It belongs to one of the leading healthcare companies of India ‘Wockhardt Pharmaceuticals’. The brand acts as a solution for wound healing. The brand is indicated for cuts, burns and injuries. The brand was present in an overcrowded market. It needed a powerful marketing story that would depict its indications strongly and relate the same to its mass audience boldly. The brief was to develop a medico-marketing advertising campaign for the brand


Advertising Insight

We as a Healthcare Advertising Agency, pitched among ourselves with various creative ideas that could help to promote the brand. But we all in the team were hooked with this one idea, where an injury was dramatically depicted and the reason of the injury was cleverly illustrated. The idea attracted us as well as the client, both emotionally and intellectually. The appropriate use of Images and Graphics, dramatized the interest level of the idea in a desired way. The headline depicted the USP of the brand, such that the brand got its core message across the minds of the target audience in a creative way. The idea inspired us to send this creative piece as an entry for ‘The RX CLUB’ at New York. We as an agency we’re confident that this is an Award Winning Advertising Campaign


Benefits Achieved

Overall the Idea was well conceptualized, art-directed and executed to communicate the brand’s core message. The project won hearts of the Marketing team and was truly an Award Winning Advertising Campaign, which won the Excellence award at ‘The RX CLUB’, New York.

Project Details
  • ClientWockhardt
  • Date2017-07-27
  • Award Winning Advertising
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