Animal Healthcare Advertising
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Project Description

An Animal Healthcare Advertising campaign was recently developed by India’s Award Winning Advertising Agency ‘Golden Mean’. It was a brand launch of a ‘collar’ for pets. The brand is one of the innovative products developed by Bayer in the area of Animal Healthcare. It’s a researched based collar which is meant for protection of pets from ticks and fleas. The brief was to develop a communication that depicted a collar which provided the longest ever protection against ticks and fleas.

Advertising Insight

This Animal Healthcare Advertising campaign needed a strong and clear idea that depicted the problem boldly and creatively. We, as an advertising agency discussed about the brand’s core value indepth with the client and studied other competitive products. We wanted the brand persona to suite its target audience and perceive the collar as an ideal choice for their pets. The campaign began with Animated GIF’s of teasers, where graphically illustrated ticks and picks were shown bothering a pet. The GIF engaged the minds of the viewers, thereby increasing the curiosity level about the brand among the audience. The Animal Healthcare Advertising campaign was supported by various tools of communications which helped to integrate the story with the audience for a year long brand plan.

Benefits Achieved

The concept was well accepted by the Marketing team of the company. It helped to connect all the dots of the communication. It helped to bridge the gap between the current situation and demand when it came to address the need of longest ever protection against ticks and fleas. Overall the Animal Healthcare Advertising campaign provided various point-of-sale connects to the brand and boosted its message efficiently.

Project Details
  • ClientBayer Pharmaceutical
  • Date2020-02-02
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